The SoundView Project


From an early age, we learn to find comfort and inspiration in music. Being able to express ourselves and connect with others by learning to play an instrument is an invaluable tool in navigating the world around us, and more so, impacting it.

For some children, however, getting access to an instrument as simple as a recorder is a challenge. So, we at Release the Hounds created a campaign based on the concept of “challenge” to help bring awareness to the importance of music education in our schools.

We started by issuing a dare to a local musician: take up residence for 1 month inside the small, street-level gallery at Release the Hounds, and write and record 5 songs “in public.” There were no creative requirements other than the songs must be brand new, conceived within the 8x20 foot room. The musician was allowed to bring in other performers to collaborate with throughout the project and was encouraged to turn the room into whatever kind of creative space they needed to complete the project.

During the project, we collected over $20,000 in instruments and distributed them to public school and music programs in need. To facilitate the giving, we partnered with Music 4 More, a 501c3 charity that works with schools and veterans hospitals around the country.


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